Please sign up to call-in for public comment during the next city council meeting on Tuesday August 11th at 11:00am to tell the mayor and council that you want to vote on this issue and ask that they put this on the ballot.

Call the City Secretary at (361) 826-3105 to request a call-back for public comment!

It’s very important to have as many residents as possible call in during public comment so our objections are on the record.

You can also take action right now by clicking the button below to automatically send an email to the mayor and city council members.

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We collected petition signatures to allow Corpus Christi residents to decide whether or not our city spends $1.3 billion dollars on 2 desalination plants that will raise our water bills and hurt our environment. Despite hurtles caused by COVID-19, we turned in 4,227 signatures and more continue to be sent in! We are shy of the amount required to get this on the ballot, but the mayor and city council can STILL choose to put this on the ballot. That’s right–they can decide to put whether or not we pursue costly desalination plants on the November ballot so that all of us have the right to vote on the issue and have our voices heard.

Call the City Secretary at (361) 826-3105 to request a call-back for public comment BEFORE 11am on Tuesday August 11th!

We will continue to fight for our community’s voices to be heard. Please keep up with us here and on our Facebook page as we continue to press our mayor and council to put community needs first!


Save CC Bay Team

There are at least 4 seawater desalination plants that are trying to get permits in our area. This includes 2 seawater “desal” plants by the City of Corpus Christi. These plants would pollute our waterways and are being sought for planned industrial development—not the needs of Corpus Christi residents & businesses!

We collected petition signatures so Corpus Christi residents can vote on this issue in November 2020. Here’s the charter amendment we want the city to adopt:

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Volunteer Opportunities:

    • Share with groups you’re part of (endorsements help!)
    • Research alternatives to desal such as water conservation for a secure, healthy & affordable  water supply
    • Communications & social media
    • Clerical help & more!

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Read more about who we are and the problems with desalination!