In December 2019, the Corpus Christi city council announced it would be pursuing permits for two desalination plants despite objections from community members and local groups  including members of For the Greater Good, CAPE, Clean Economy Coalition, Sierra Club, Indigenous People of the Coastal Bend, Portland Citizens United, and many others who spoke out against desalination due to concerns about the environmental impacts, public safety, sustainability, and high costs.

The Save the Bay for the Greater Good charter amendment campaign was initiated by For the Greater Good—a local grassroots community organization dedicated to the betterment of our community—because we cannot let our elected officials sell us out to big industry. The citizens deserve to be informed and have a say!

For the Greater Good (FtGG) formed in 2016 in response to the numerous water boils and complete water ban Corpus Christi residents have been subjected to. FtGG has a track record of successfully bringing awareness to issues impacting the public as well as holding elected officials accountable so they act on behalf of the greater good for our communities. FtGG helped prevent Corpus Christi elected officials from selling off our parks, slashing library budgets, closing or limiting hours at senior centers, and more.

FtGG does not want the Coastal Bend to become a sacrifice zone for industry. This campaign is about protecting our families, our environment, and our wallets from the harm that desalination (and the fossil fuel industry it would support) would bring. Read more about the issue and take action!

For more about For the Greater Good or to join/ take action, please visit our Facebook page.

Our Community Partners

This battle cannot be won alone. We believe in collaborating with anyone from the community who wants to help! 

We are working with the following groups on this campaign:



We thank the following groups and organizations for their endorsement!


Clean Economy Coalition

Corpus Christi Tax Payers Association