“Desalination: Bad for our bays, our families, & our wallets!”

There are 7 planned seawater and 2 groundwater desalination plants in the works in our area. These would pollute our waterways with salty chemicals, heavy metals, & concentrated radioactivity.

These “desal” plants are for planned industrial development—not the needs of Corpus Christi residents & businesses! Currently the entire city of Corpus Christi uses 66 million gallons per day. The water treatment plant can produce 167 million gallons per day. Residents and businesses have NEVER used more than 100 million gallons per day. We have enough water—don’t buy the lie!

Desal could put our drinking water at risk if added to our water supply: seawater contains unregulated chemicals not found in freshwater that would not be monitored.

Desal plants will damage wetlands & spawning grounds for shrimp, crabs, & fish. Our economy & way of life depends on fishing & tourism. They will also damage seagrasses & prime fishing habitat for shrimp, crabs & gamefish as well as waterfowl, shorebirds & turtles.

City and county governments have given millions of dollars in tax breaks & subsidies to oil & chemical plants. These tax breaks cause budget shortfalls. There aren’t enough funds for basic public services like safe drinking water, drivable roads, park maintenance, & emergency services. Some of these plants are seeking our tax dollars for permits and construction.The cost for full build-out for just the two desal plants Corpus plans to build, the cost would be $1.3 billion. The city could potentially raise our water rates to pay for the future maintenance and operation costs. We already pay too much—we refuse to foot the bill for water that’s not for us!

The maximum DAILY brine discharge from all 7 plants: 671,900,000 gallons

That means over 20 BILLION gallons of salty, radioactive discharge would be produced EVERY month!

In addition to the countless problems created by desalination plants themselves, we will also be subjected to unfathomable levels of pollution resulting from all the planned fossil fuel and plastics industries that the desalination plants would be supplying water to.

By cutting off their water source, we can STOP this unhinged industrial expansion. 

Say NO to Desal! Say NO to pollution! We deserve better!  TAKE ACTION NOW!